Residence and work permits for non EU-citizens

You always start your application for a residence- and work permits for Denmark at the website New to Denmark. Here you will find all relevant information regarding which kind of application you wish to submit, processing times and application forms.

Visit the website of New to Denmark.

When you have submitted your application online or you wish to submit your application at the Danish Embassy, you can make an appointment at the Danish Embassy in The Hague to submit your application or have your biometrics recorded. In both cases, you will need to come personally to the embassy. 

Online payment
From 1 July 2019, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark including all Danish diplomatic missions are introducing online payment of the embassy fee for residence or work permit.

The embassy fee should be paid online using this link

The receipt for the payment should be submitted at the Danish Embassy when you hand in your passport, relevant documentation and supply biometrics. Please note that in Residence/Work permit cases there are two fees to be paid:
1) The fee to either The Danish Immigration Service or The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI),
2) the fee to the Danish embassy (using the link


Please call the embassy to set up an appointment for submitting your application / having your biometrics recorded on tel. +31 70 302 59 59 (press 1 for consular matters).

For information regarding the fee for the embassy, you can find on: Payment For Services 



Ambassade van Denemarken

Tel.: +31 (0)70 302 5959
E-mail: [email protected]