Procedure for obtaining a Danish criminal record certificate.

Danish criminal record certificate

Danish nationals and foreign nationals who wish to obtain a copy of their Danish criminal record may contact the Danish National Police (“Rigspolitiet”) via the contact details on the following website.
The Danish National Police will need  a copy of the applicant’s passport, information about his/her last residence in Denmark, information on whether the certificate is to be issued in English, and information on which address the certificate is to be forwarded to. The criminal record certificate is free of charge. 
A citizen residing abroad may request a private criminal record certificate either by completing the Police form for obtaining a criminal record certificate for private use (only in Danish), which can be downloaded from the website of the police or by forwarding a personal letter setting out the above-mentioned information. If the citizen completes the form, it is important that the letter to the Danish National Police states whether the person concerned wishes to have the certificate issued in English as this does not appear from the form. If the request is forwarded by e-mail, the application form/the signed letter as well as a copy of the passport page holding photo and signature must be scanned and attached to the e-mail (so that the original signature is visible). 
On the website of the police (only in Danish), more information is accessible on how to obtain a Danish criminal record certificate. The Central Crime Register of the Danish National Police wishes to point out that for persons residing abroad there is no requirement of personal appearance as indicated on the website (the website being addressed to citizens with permanent residence in Denmark).

If the applicant has NEM-ID, he/she can order his/her criminal record digitally on
Please be aware that it is not possible to get a criminal record certificate on the basis of a telephone call.