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Popular Danish coffee tables now available on the Dutch market

The coffee tables from ACO Møbler are a huge success in Denmark, merely due to the Danish design, high quality and the unique, customized looks. More or less made to the individual wishes of the customer at an affordable price.

ACO Møbler: A unique product

The customers’ demand and wishes for furniture change continuously. Today it is very common to link the individual demands, wishes and needs of the customer to the design and functionality of the furniture. ACO Møbler has developed a personalized furniture concept, where the customers can choose their own colour, size and shape.

ACO Møbler is a modern company, which was started in 1977. From the very start the company was successful on the Danish market because of its minimalistic design, high quality and focus on value for money. A unique product that meets the demands of the customer. Today the company is run by CEO, Brian Thomsen who says: “ACO Møbler is a company that values design, innovation and functionality in modern and timeless furniture”.

ACO Møbler now in the Netherlands

Danish design is very popular with the Dutch customers and the interest is increasing. The general demand in the Netherlands for high quality products at reasonable prices made the Dutch market a logical choice and a perfect match for the company. In the spring of 2016 the Danish Embassy assisted ACO Møbler in setting up a partnership with Bijnen Meubel Groep, where the coffee tables now are sold under the brand Goretti Pro Collection.

CEO Jilt Prins, Bijnen Meubel Groep states: “We see the increasing popularity and demand for Danish design in the Netherlands, so we are happy to introduce these customized, unique coffee tables from ACO Møbler”.

The unique coffee tables from ACO Møbler are now available in the Netherlands through Bijnen Meubel Groep.