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Danish artists at UNLAND Exhibition

From Thrusday the 8th September until Saturday the 22nd October, it will be possible to experience three Danish artists: Jane Jin Kaisen, Vladimir Tomic and Ana Pavlovic on the UNLAND exhibition in Amsterdam.


UNLAND is the third exhibition by guest curator Sasha Dees in CBK Zuidoost. Its inspiration is her personal wonder about the (in)ability of society to reflect and evolve. How do we relate to each other while we move around the globe for different (un)compelling reasons: curiosity, economic gain, calamities, religion, war, leisure, knowledge, personal gain, etc? How sustainable, diserable and tenable is homogeneity autonomy and austerity? These are topics of ongoing discussion in the Netherlands in politics, media, on stages and in living rooms. Will we be able to look beyond our own shadow, to pursue a constructive dialogue. In UNLAND we see artists who continue to encourage dialogue.


With: Inti Hernandez , Jane Jin Kaisen, Nour Eddine Jarram, Quinsy Gario, Robbert van der Horst, Simone Bennett, Vladimir Tomic & Ana Pavlovic, Curator: Sasha Dees. Thanks to: Doris Salcedo, Michelle Eistrup, The Danish Arts Foundation en Galerie Ron Mandos.


UNLAND is dedicated to Phillips Edugivis Hernandez (30-03-1954 / 09-08-2016)



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