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Tempus Benelux B.V.

The Royal Danish Embassy is pleased to introduce Tempus Benelux B.V. to the Dutch healthcare sector.

Tempus Benelux B.V. is a subsidiary of the Danish company Timedico A/S. Timedico A/S is an innovative well established Danish company, specialized in automated internal logistic systems for a fast and secure transport of blood samples in hospitals. With the development of the innovative blood sample logistic system, Timedico A/S has already booked a great success in their home country Denmark including other places in the world. Most of the Danish hospitals have installed one or more systems based on their own and others experiences.

A point to point system:
TEMPUS600 is the name of the system, and shortly explained, it is a system which transports blood samples from one place at the hospital to the internal laboratory. In other words, is it a point to point system, that is easy to operate for the staff. Transport time from A to B is minimalized compared to the present systems at hospitals. Further, with the right equipment at the laboratory, the blood samples go directly into the analysers, without any involvement by staff. This is time efficient and cost saving.

Reducing the Total Turnaround Time (ToTAT)
The vision behind TEMPUS600 is the fact that the transportation time is a major factor in terms of overall efficiency of the blood sample analysis process. Timedico A/S operates with the concept of “ToTAT”: Total Turnaround Time from the moment the test is ordered to the analysis result is ready and reported to the doctor in charge. The TEMPUS600 is specifically developed to increase the efficiency in the sample transportation. The system is fast, safe and dedicated – and by enabling one-touch handling and point-to-point delivery the system provides a crucial reduction of the ToTAT. By reducing ToTAT the TEMPUS600 enables faster decisions and thus a better treatment.

Tempus Benelux B.V.:
In 2016, the company was established in the Netherlands under the name Tempus Benelux B.V. The company is represented by Mr. Paul Houthooft, who very closely followed the installation of the first two systems at UMC Groningen.

Experiences of UMC Groningen:
The Embassy visited UMC Groningen in order to experience the system, and how the hospital and its staff has welcomed the two systems installed there. Mr. Kooi, Lab Manager at UMC Groningen, has been responsible for the implementation of the two TEMPUS600 systems in the hospital.
Mr. Kooi was very positive about the collaboration and implementation of the systems. The first installation in the hospital has not been without challenges. First of all, some adjustments have to be made, and secondly, staff has to get used to work with the system. Within a couple of weeks, the situation was different, and the system was up running. During the visit to the hospital, the Embassy experienced that the system was in operation the whole time, and that the staff only were present by the Tempus unit for a very short moment – The time it takes to place the racks.
With regard to implementation of the second TEMPUS600 system, the implementation was done without any challenges, and was up-running from day one. During the operation period of both systems at UMC Groningen, Mr. Kooi told that they had not had any unexpected break downs at all.Mr. Kooi tells that as a result of using TEMPUS600, they expect to save costs and to make the departments involved in the process work more efficiently. Further, he is convinced that when their laboratory will be renovated, and a bulk loader for receiving the samples will be installed at their laboratory, they really will experience savings and more efficiency.

Are you interested in further information?
For more information you are welcome to visit following link http://www.tempus600.com/ ,
Or contact:
Paul Houthooft
Tel: +31 (0)657 00 18 11
e-mail: ph@tempus600.com


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